30 Days of Change V 2.0

So, I stumbled upon this amazing work out while browsing Imgur (anyone who knows me, will not be shocked by this at all). I had already done a 30 Day Challenge that had been posted on Imgur (two of them to be exact) and felt like I could this one too.

Are they hard? I felt like throwing up during the last one

Are they worth it? I gained some great definition with the last one but alas I failed to keep it going. 

With this new adventure I am going to actually blog about each day. I will talk about the work out and how I felt doing it. I will also discuss the level of challenge that comes about. Also, probably a bunch of other random stuff with the work outs.

I will say in advance, I am not eating the best. I am tight on money and eating properly isn’t the easiest thing right now. So, the results that I will see, won’t be the best. If I were to eat much better, than yes, they would rock. 

So come along with me on this journey starting on Sunday September 29, 2013!!!


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