Water – the most valuable – oooh POP!!!!

I know this probably one of the top three most important things to keep on track with. I won’t deny it, I suck with this and I suck with it badly! I find myself being able to go a week or so with keeping my water intake where it should be. Then I get distracted by other things, mostly Mountain Dew (let’s face it, being a gamer, it’s the drink of choice) and I will drink more of this than water. While of course it’s ok to have to some, I should also be more aware of how much I am drinking. Which again, I don’t do a great job with this at all.

When I drink Mountain Dew or any other kind of pop, I should of course probably drink as much water as I did pop. Why? Because pop has a natural diuretic in it. I am flushing the water in my system and replacing it with something that is clearly not healthy for me at all. It’s not a bad idea to have this from time to time, but again I need to be much more aware of my water intake and insure that I am getting enough water to allow myself the yummy treat of pop.

Also, I found it easier, to just get two 33.8 oz bottles and drink one and have the other filled. So I can swipe them out through out the day. Or if I am going to be gone all day, I will just bring them both with me. I know I can’t exactly drink the recommended amount of water everyday, but I set a goal for myself. I will drink two of these bottles each day or I can’t have any pop for the week. It’s kind of the same idea and theory behind the cheat day. I can cheat on water as long as I am keeping up on it.

These are normal day struggles that we all suffer. Some may suffer with juice, others with coffee, and many will suffer like I do with pop. It’s ok though, just fight on and try harder the next day.


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