The daily fight of the average Jared

I have always been a bit bothered by all these work out, weight loss, and health blogs. They seem to have two target audiences; those who want to lose weight and those who want to get jacked. Let’s face it, I am neither one of those. I am that guy in the middle, who just wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I wouldn’t mind getting jacked, let’s face it, its way more work than what I want to put in right now. Also, I am not in any dire need to lose weight. I am by no means fat but I could lose a few pounds for health sake.

So, this is where this blog comes into play. I have been debating exactly what I want to do with this blog. Do I want to put out general guidelines and suggestions for people like me? Do I want to just make a blog that journals my journey? I figure I will fuse the two together. I can blog about my own journey and the things I am encountering. Along with giving out some sound advice on the way.

So that being said, I will talk about the things I struggle with and how I can overcome them. Then I will come back at a later date and talk about my level of success or my degree of failure.

For now enjoy a cute picture:



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